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  1. Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Date in Davao: A Guide for Every Type of Couple
  2. For Couples Who Are Romantics at Heart
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  4. Best Romantic Restaurants in Davao City, Davao del Sur Province

From its humble beginnings as a tiny coffee shop in Rizal Street, Zabadani grew to become a restaurant loved by locals and visitors alike. You can look forward to Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Filipino fare a la carte: Looking for a hearty meal? Try one of our best selling dishes, Beef Rib Biryani! Or you can sit back and let their love month special menu do all the magic for you. For P, you can enjoy a dinner set with gift options that include bears in baskets or roses and chocolates.

Nevertheless, each plate of beef rib, roasted chicken, fish falafel, or lamb kabsa makes every visit a food experience to always look forward to. This halal-certified restaruant's baked chicken rosemary is growing to become a favorite among their clientele. The dish gives the Pinoy favorite lechon manok a twist with generous spices and herbs.

100+ Single Filipinas Pack Davao Dating Event

Couples will enjoy dining in Zabadani's unconventional setup. Other than wooden furniture with earthy details and decorated with Moroccan lamps, customers can also choose to dine on carpets on the floor. There isn't anything that quite expresses true love than a bouquet of isaw. A cup of rice with pastil makes this street food favorite into a meal. Pastil or patil is a Muslim delicacy commonly enjoyed by Maguindanaons.

Traditionally, pastil is rice that is topped with chicken flakes or in some versions, saucy innards and wrapped in banana leaf, and often eaten like a suman or a banana. But in Pastilan sa Ponce, pastil is served as a topping that adds savory kick to rice. Aside from isaw, customers can choose from a wide selection of barbecue: Owner Ramil Garcia said that, in a day, his kitchen crew would cook up almost one sack of rice; and numerous large pots of pastil.

A photo posted by songpoukliu on Aug 3, at 4: If you like to bring your date to dinner with cultural experiences on the side, Kaonanan should fit the bill. Tribal inspired meals — served in bamboo or in wooden sungka plates — literally makes you feel like you're tasting Mindanao culture that you only get to read in history books. Chef Bianca Dizon designed the menu to give foodies a bright fusion of flavors. The restaurant's specialties starting at P include maalas na baboy a dish similar to pork binagoongan , binayong ajos, luy-a, tanglad na manok literally garlic, ginger, and lemongrass chicken , and tinalumbong manok na curry sa gata a local variation of chicken curry.

Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Date in Davao: A Guide for Every Type of Couple

There are also regular dance performances by the restaurant — from fire stunts to tribal dances inspired by rituals. Spanish dishes and toothsome desserts make Tiny Kitchen a good place to dine — whether you're with a lover or by yourself. The restaurant's brightly lit dining area sets a light and casual mood that's perfect for a first date.

Tiny Kitchen's paella variations — from yellow Valencianas to Negras—are easy to love. Paella for two starts at Try the Al a Cazador hunter's style paella with beef, chicken, duck and pancetta Italian bacon. Opt for Paella Fideua — angel hair pasta with seafood, chorizo and paella sauce--as a lighter option P This corner of the restaurant serves an array of desserts worth binging on—whether you're blissfully melting with romance or stone cold from a breakup yikes, we hope not. Frozen brazo cakes come in chocolate and mango starts at per slice.

We're all set and ready! See you later at RekadoDavao! A photo posted by Rekado Davao rekadodavao on Apr 9, at 9: Food in Rekado makes dining easy and uncomplicated. The restaurant highlights "comfort food" by putting a premium on dishes that many Filipinos are already familiar with.

For Couples Who Are Romantics at Heart

What does this mean to couples who dine there? Varied food choices make it easy and less awkward for you to get along with your first date. Rekado's Kalderobo starts at P melds the flavors of both.

Each bite with a spoonful of steamy, hot white rice please titillates the palate with zesty and savory hints of meats of beef. A photo posted by Rekado Davao rekadodavao on Oct 23, at 8: Lovers who want to gorge on more good stuff, can have a generous serving of crispy beef tadyang at P If you're already feeling comfortable with your date, don't be shy to order boneless crispy pata at P Hopefully for those of us who do get to go out very rarely, dates in Davao should and always be primarily about going somewhere we can enjoy the company of the person we are with and, with a little luck and charm, snag ourselves a second date on the way.

So where do you take your date in Davao City?

The 10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Davao City - TripAdvisor

Here are some places you might want to check out:. You and your date could get caught up in dancing the salsa or the tango all night long. The BMW Piano Bar at Jacks Ridge offers live piano performances from up and coming musicians and patrons can even step up to the stage and jam with the pianist. Karaoke is a popular pastime among Filipinos. What better way to have fun and impress your date than to belt out a song or two?

Best Romantic Restaurants in Davao City, Davao del Sur Province

Drinks and conversation could abound amidst a friendly game of billiards or darts. You need to go to those out of the way but laid back, cozier date spots which allow you to talk about more personal things. Who can go wrong with dim to soft glowing lights, a little wine maybe and soft soothing music? This little out of the way restaurant boasts a pool where you and your date can enjoy a night of swimming. Plus, everything and I do mean everything on the menu is a must try.