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To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. A few weeks before the premiere of "Gotham" season 4, a new character has been confirmed. Known to introduce origin stories of popular Batman villains, the upcoming season of "Gotham" will see the rise of Professor Pyg, to be portrayed by Michael Cerveris.

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With this background, Cerveris will find it easy to take on the disturbing porcine mask of Pyg. In the DC Comics, he was an obsessed psychopath that victimized people by turning them into his hideous-looking servants. He was in my film school graduation movie when we were both amateurs. And now he's joining the fold as Professor Pyg," Cannon said. It only got better from there, as the series expanded its world by further making those concepts concrete.

Fringe is that rare blend of inventive ideas, wild ambition, and unexpected soulfulness. In particular, critics highlighted the season premiere " A New Day in the Old Town " [] as well as regular episodes "Peter" [] [] [] and "White Tulip", [] [] [] and the season finale " Over There ". The failure of the series to garner any major category nominations at the Emmys was perceived as a notable snub by many media outlets.

Wyman and Akiva Goldsman. Unaired Scenes" on select episodes and "Unusual Side Effects: The Mythology of Fringe ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Fringe episodes. Jeff Pinkner left and J. Wyman right returned as showrunners and executive producers of Fringe. Whether it's Peter in discovering things about himself and about the others he works with and his place in the world.

And Olivia the same regard. List of awards and nominations received by Fringe. Leonard has retired twice, he's our Bret Farve [ sic ]. We had him in and talked him through where we wanted it to end in season two and he said 'ok, I'll come back. He was nervous that we just wanted him for promotional reasons but we wanted to give him a swan song role. Archived from the original on TV by the Numbers. Flash Forward Down; Other Broadcast shows unchanged". Abrams not worried about writer's block on 'Fringe ' ". Archived from the original on July 26, Details on Fringe's future". You won't believe what's next".

New York Daily News. Details on Fringe Musical Episode". Archived from the original PDF on Wyman sing the praises of Thursday night's musical 'Fringe ' ". Wyman writer , Jeff Vlaming writer Wyman writer , Jeff Pinkner writer Toye director , David H. Goodman writer , Andrew Kreisberg writer Wyman story and teleplay Jeff Pinkner story and teleplay Josh Singer story and teleplay Wyman writer , Akiva Goldsman writer Who's Who on 'Fringe ' ".

Abrams and his cast". William in the finale! Look who's playing Walter's wife and Peter's mom! Edwards director , Josh Singer writer Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved June 16, Fox's fall schedule; 'Fringe' on Thursdays". The New York Times. The Top 10 Roster". Vote for the most egregious snub! When Stars and Execs Strike Back! Retrieved October 11, Motion Picture Sound Editors. Awards and nominations Fringepedia Mythology Massive Dynamic. Retrieved from " https: Fringe TV series seasons American television seasons American television seasons.

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Fringe review: First Dates

Region 1 DVD cover. Minutes later, she suddenly ejects through the windshield having traveled to the parallel universe and is hospitalized with brain damage. The male driver of the car that crashed into Dunham's is revealed to be a shapeshifter 'soldier' from the parallel universe, and is ordered to question Olivia then kill her. When Olivia suddenly awakens from the coma she cannot remember any details and the shapeshifter now in the form of a female nurse tries to kill her.

Agent Jessup interrupts this, and the shapeshifter escapes into the basement, where Francis appears to shoot the shapeshifter. Broyles travels to Washington, D. At the end, it is revealed the shapeshifter had killed Agent Francis and assumed his form. Fringe Division investigates a missing road worker who was pulled to an underground tunnel filled with the remains of six other people who disappeared suddenly. Meanwhile Olivia, now released from the hospital, begins to develop super-hearing, and Nina Sharp advises her to meet Sam Weiss Kevin Corrigan , a man who can begin to help with the side-effects.

The investigation leads to nearby resident Andre Hughes John Savage , who lost his wife and baby in childbirth. When the bodies are exhumed , they find the baby casket empty. Walter then learns that Hughes genetically altered the baby by incorporating mole and scorpion DNA. When Olivia and Peter enter the basement of the Hughes family house, they are attacked by the now adult baby, but the tunnel collapses, causing a police car to crush the hybrid.

A secret military experiment is turning people into human bombs. After one such bomb detonated in a train station, Peter and Olivia travel to Iraq to meet one of Peter's contacts who was involved in the project. They find a list of names from the experiment, the victim in the train station being one of them.

They return to find the surviving members, and are able to prevent the next subject from exploding. They find the man responsible Stephen McHattie and bring him into custody; the man suggests the bombs were intended to eliminate agents working for the Observer. Also, Weiss cures Olivia's inability to walk without a cane. A group of shapeshifters are stealing human heads, and it is revealed they are looking for a specific one. Walter visits the woman Theresa Russell he experimented on with psychedelics to see what she might still remember about the shapeshifters from her visions; she volunteers to help.

After being drugged, she sees the shapeshifters again. Bell explains what the shapeshifters are looking for, and states she is the only person able to stop "The Storm". Olivia meets Nina, who explains that "The Storm" is an event that Bell theorized; when two universes merge, only one will remain in existence. This is what the shapeshifters are trying to cause. Later, Olivia discovers Charlie is dead and that a shapeshifter has replaced him, and kills him. The shapeshifters find the head they are looking for, and attach it to its body.

In Seattle a man attacks his boss believing he was a demon. Walter finds a computer chip attached to the thalamus , the part of the brain controlling dreams. Broyles and Sharp reveal new information leading to the sleep researcher who implanted the chips. Walter changes his theory; the dreams are being stolen from their hosts to cause a " high " in the researcher, who is receiving them, and who has two personalities. His doctor personality sets a trap so that Olivia and Peter will catch his alternate persona.

Meanwhile, Olivia is grieving for Charlie, whom she discovered in the previous episode to have been murdered by a shapeshifter, and Sam helps her work through it by reminding her of her and Charlie's first meeting.

We hook up every weekend

The Fringe Division is flummoxed by a case where victims are inexplicably disintegrated into ash. Broyles takes a particular interest in the case, as he worked on it in the past. He says that everyone who died had recently been to a hospital. The investigation leads the team to Russia, where they learn Fringe science is taking place in other countries as well. A man sent to space came back with a dark entity in him, which is stealing people's natural radiation, and killing them. Walter learns that the man and the entity are connected and cannot be separated, so Broyles kills the man to end the killings.

However, the CIA reveals that the cosmonaut resurrected, and it is implied that he was sent into deep space, never to return. Tyler Carson Cameron Monaghan , the son of a Massive Dynamic employee Andrew Airlie , is kidnapped by two people who are believed to be using mind control to avoid capture. However, at the money dropoff, the team learn that Tyler is the one who is using mind control after Peter is taken hostage.

Walter suspects that Tyler took some of the enhancement drugs being developed to allow pilots to mentally fly their planes.

Peter realizes Tyler kidnapped himself to both hurt his father and to find his lost mother. Walter devises a way to "shut down" Tyler's brain for a few seconds and Peter crashes the getaway vehicle. In the end, Massive Dynamic takes Tyler into custody and he is brought to a room full of Tyler clones.

Nina Sharp reports the incident to William Bell. An Observer, "August" Peter Woodward abducts a woman in Boston who is meant to take a flight which will crash, killing everyone on board. Knowing of "August's" actions, the other Observers send an assassin Paul Rae to kill the girl.

Are we dating cast - Cape Town Fringe

When the assassin arrives at the girl's location, Peter and Olivia kill him, though "August" is mortally wounded in the process. The original Observer, "September" Michael Cerveris informs "August" the girl is now important, having been responsible for the death of an Observer. A scientist from Massive Dynamic researches the Observers, and reveals they have been around throughout history, hypothesizing that they are time travelers who appear to observe important historical events.

In the end, two Observers remark that everything is about to get worse for Olivia.

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A damaged cargo ship washes ashore and all of the crew members seem to be infected with squid-like creatures that turn out to be gigantic parasitic worms. The worms are said to be a modified version of Ancylostoma duodenale. While Fringe Division investigates, the clock starts ticking when Olivia, Peter and Broyles discover a terrifying connection between the incident and a threatening organization. The team investigate a mental patient, who received brain surgery from a group of shapeshifters, curing his insanity. When similar cases occur, the team learn Walter had three pieces of brain tissue removed from his Hippocampus , which were stored in the brains of the cured patients.

Knowing only Walter could comprehend the memories concerning how to open a portal to another reality, the shapeshifters kidnap him. By the time Walter is found, Newton has learned what he needs to know and escapes. As Walter undergoes an MRI, he imagines a past surgery, where he is being operated on by William Bell, who removed Walter's brain fragments and hid them in the patients' brains to prevent anyone else from gaining the information.

A seventeen-year-old girl, Lisa Alice Kremelberg , comes back from the dead. Fringe Division investigates, and it is soon determined that at the same time, a soldier named Rusk was murdered, making them believe Rusk's consciousness has possessed Lisa. The team discovers Rusk is on a mission to take revenge on his wife who had him killed.

Walter posits that, due to a heavy radiation exposure, Rusk's energy wasn't completely expended, and thus able to possess Lisa. Rusk possessed Lisa long enough to deal with his wife and until Lisa is eventually able to purge him from her consciousness. The episode was produced as part of season 1, as Charlie Francis is seen alive in the episode. However, it went unaired until season 2. A child is found by a state trooper who takes him back to the station to find his parents.

The child morphs into a deformed creature, and is taken by other deformed people who kill the troopers. The Fringe team investigates, though the disfigured people try to keep the case a secret. Walter remembers an experiment done years ago in the city. The people were deformed in the aftermath of testing done in their town years ago.

He discovers that they managed to disguise their deformities via a massive electromagnetic pulse that runs through the town. The pulse causes them to look normal, but only within its range. They will do anything to stay close to it, and attempt to kill Peter and Olivia, who are saved by someone who no longer wants to harm outsiders that discover their secret. The Fringe team decides to keep the town's secret so that the remaining residents can live a normal life.

After a man's veins erupt with blood infected with a lethal virus, investigating agents Olivia and Peter are quarantined with the rest of those exposed.

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  5. Walter, Broyles and Astrid race to find a cure. After discovering during a test that Olivia and Peter are not infected, it later becomes clear that Peter is when his nose starts to bleed before he reaches the outdoors. While the virus overtakes Peter's health and sanity, Walter becomes more and more distressed as he fears losing his son again, and accidentally blurts out that he "can't let Peter die again" to Astrid.

    The two of them eventually find a panacea derived from horseradish , and with the help of Astrid, they cure the disease in Peter and anyone else who was infected. Astrid later approaches Walter and asks what he meant when he said he couldn't let Peter die again, to which he responds by saying "some things are better off left alone. When a select few people are suffocated from the inside out during a wedding, the Fringe Division investigate.

    After another attack at a coffee shop, Walter believes the toxin the terrorist is using is targeting certain ethnicities in people through their genes. He also discovers that the killer is over years old, and was a Nazi ; Walter's father, Robert Bischoff renamed to Bishop afterwards was also revealed to be involved in the project during the s. The team find out the next target, where Walter is able to turn the toxin against the killer, killing him; in the end, Olivia and Broyles decide against arresting Walter for the death.

    After a building in Manhattan is destroyed after it merges with the same building from an alternate world, Walter believes another building of the same mass will disappear, along with anybody inside it. In order to uncover which building, the team rely on Olivia's ability to recognize objects from the other universe. When she cannot, they travel to Jacksonville, Florida , where Walter experimented on her and other Cortexiphan subjects.

    There, Walter discovers Olivia can find the building if she feels fear, which she is no longer able to do, however, upon returning to Manhattan, Olivia becomes afraid for not being able to save the people, and is able to use her ability again. After evacuating the building before it disappears, Olivia visits Peter and Walter's house. Because of her ability, she realizes Peter is from the alternate world; Walter pleads with Olivia not to tell Peter. Walter visits and explains to Olivia how, in , he invented a window-like device that allowed him to witness events in the parallel universe.

    A younger Walter observes that, in the alternate universe, the other Walter whom he nicknames "Walternate" is working on a cure for the genetic condition that is killing young Peter in both universes. One evening, however, Peter dies in Walter's arms.